Creative Miracle

This is confirmation of creative miracle from the Supernatural School of the Spirit in Nelson NZ

Hi Ian.
I will give you as much detail as I can with regard the miracle. Andy had been walking around for close to a year with this hole in his back which was the size of an old NZ 50 cent piece and 1cm deep.

A hair follicle in his lower back had become infected. The first operation left him partially better but he was told that they had not been able to remove the 'core' (what ever that is). So he was forced to walk around for a year unable to sit or sleep or drive properly. When we all came to the Supernatural School of the Spirit in Nelson, Andy had not long had the second operation. They had stitched the wound after the operation but the wound had begun to burst open under pressure from infection. So the stitches were removed once again leaving him with an open wound that would take months to heal.

The week of the School was also the first week that the youth group had been collectively fasting and praying to see God move. Every day apart from Sunday there is going to be two members of the youth Group fasting and praying till Jesus comes back.

Any way with a heightened expectation fueled by what you taught at the school we all decided to stay at Elim until God had healed Andy.

I suppose we had been praying for 40 minutes before we saw Andy's flesh growing back. The flesh started to bubble and swell and grow back before our eyes. As a result of seeing this miracle, prayer continued for 6 hours. It got to the point where we were commanding one or two unresponsive areas to grow and they did!!!! From your School and Andy's healing the youth and I have realized that we need to go after healings aggressively and not give up until we have pushed through. That can mean sowing in some hours of prayer but the results are worth it!!

The District Nurse came as usual the next day and she asked Andy what had happened to his back. He told her some friends had prayed for him. She expressed surprise and some concern because she felt part of the wound had grown back too much!! I think God knows what He is doing! Tuesday night at Life group we prayed for further healing of Andy's back. A mother brought her unsaved son. He saw God restoring flesh before his own eyes. He ended upon the floor with the rest of us with his hand on Andy asking God to heal Andy!!

He has some internal condition that has kept him sickly for a long time. He is grossly underweight but his first introduction to a Christian group was seeing the miraculous happen! So I will keep you posted on any other miracles that take place. Andy's wound is just about healed. A couple or more prayer sessions may be enough to end his year of pain.
God Bless you Ian and Jeannette Thank you for helping us to move in the power of the Holy Spirit!

Jody Bowman.
Youth Director @ Impact Christian Church. (Nelson NZ)



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