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Throughout his career, Kenn has been in various senior leadership positions.

Naturally this lead on to him publishing his first book, Life is Leadership.

Grenville Kleiser wrote: ‘Your life is like a book. The title page is your name. The preface is your introduction to the world. The pages are a daily chronicle of your efforts, trials, pleasures, discouragements, ambitions & achievements... Day by day your thoughts & acts are being inscribed as evidence of your success or failure... Hour by hour the record is being made which must stand for all time. One day the word ’Finis’ must be written. Let it be said of your book, it is a record of noble purpose, generous service, & work well done.

Life is Leadership

Kenn has 49 years of leadership experience, from front line supervision to senior managerial positions. His book Life is Leadership explores the real basics of leadership right through to current best practices. 

His book focuses on improving leadership abilities, increasing motivation and learning the most imporant skills of creating and maintaining real relationships with staff, co-workers and customers.

His  book is truly eye opening and will make you question your current leadership style. 

By Kenn Butler

Business Mentoring

Kenn was a business mentor for Business Mentors New Zealand. He loved helping people thrive and get the best outcome for their organisations.

Leadership Articles

Public Speaking

Kenn is often asked to speak publicly, at a range of different events.

Kenn is passionate about leadership, communication and customer service. Through years of involvement in organisations like the Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce and the New Zealand Police, Kenn is a well-seasoned public speaker and can relate well to a range of audiences. Contact Kenn using the form below.

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